Travel Thursday – using ‘The Cruise Planner’

One of the crucial elements of planning a cruise is the preparation – it’s important not to underestimate the amount of background work that needs doing beforehand so that things flow smoothly and you have the relaxing and enjoyable cruise you deserve!

Apart from anything else once you’re onboard you will be amazed at how much it costs to use the internet and you really don’t want to waste valuable time ashore looking for free WiFi so you can check out Tripadvisor for things to do! Get all your excursions and trips ashore planned and sorted before you go!

Then there’s all the information you need to keep at your fingertips – flights, reference numbers, logins, transfers, packages, upgrades, loyalty level perks. hotel booking, excursion bookings & DIY plans all need keeping track of!

This is why we think you’ll love the Cruise Planner – its a great way to keep all your information to hand. It shows you what still needs to be done and planned as it keeps everything neatly in one place.  Grab a Planner as soon as you book your cruise and get things organised!

But its more than just a place to record all the information and details that you need – it actually helps you plan what you are going to do ashore.

Firstly there is the cruise arc planner – this gives a complete overview of the cruise with space to note times of arrival, departure, sunrise and sunset time, currencies amongst other things. Its really helpful when you’re looking at a the whole cruise experience as you can see if you’re in danger of overload by planning too many archaeological sites or full day excursions on consecutive days. 

Other things you will find in the Cruise Planner are Port Excursion Brainstormers which help everyone decide what the focus of each day ashore should be, a list of apps to download which will be useful onboard as well as comprehensive packing lists & worksheets. 

The diary pages have space where you can make a note of any invitations or bookings for a specific day – there is also have a Journal section to  record all the special moments of your cruise. With a section to note down all the details about your cabin and about the staff and crew the you meet The Cruise Planner eventually becomes a permanent Travel Journal which you can see keep, both as a handy reference of arrangements that you made and as a reminder of a perfect cruise 

We’ve been overwhelmed by the lovely feedback we’ve had since the first Cruise Planner was published last summer. People say it both enhances your cruise experience and ensures your memories of it stay fresh. This is a recent message from one happy customer…

“I’m having so much fun preparing for our February cruise using The Cruise Planner! I always do a Journal of each trip, but this is special and so helpful with keeping everything together. I don’t want to rush the cruise, but I can’t wait to use it onboard nightly and then to complete it at cruise end. Since it’s signed by Cathy Rogers, the author, I may add a few more autographs from Crew. I Love The Cruise Planner.” Debi B-M

At present there are two editions of the Planner – the original portExplore Version and the new limited edition Cruise Addicts Planner which is very similar but has an added section of puzzles – cruise related word search, sudoku and Travel Dingbats – to while away the time! 

More versions will be coming out in the spring – some targeted at a specific Cruise location – Alaska for example and some of the original design but in different colours – we’ve been asked for this so that if you have more than one cruise in preparation you will be able to know quickly which Planner is for which cruise!

All versions of The Cruise Planner cost £8.99 are available either through Amazon or on our own website

The two latest versions of The Cruise Planner with our book The Confident poprtExplorer – also available through the links above.

Published by Cathy Rogers

Organised, bossy, untidy, inquisitive Gemini - lover of cruising and all things cruise. Author of 'The Confident portExplorer' and 'The Cruise Planner' sharing my passion for cruise organisation and onshore adventures.

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