World Whale Day – could you be a Marine Mammal Surveyor?

Do you know a humpback from an orca?

On World Whale Day I just wanted to pay tribute to ORCA the U.K. whale Conservation and Education Charity & tell you about an exciting way that you can help their conservation work by becoming a Marine Mammal Surveyor.
ORCA run one day training courses that teach people, with no previous knowledge, how to actively participate in whale and dolphin conservation. After the training you can join survey teams aboard ferries and cruise ships leaving from ports across the UK. There you would help conduct scientific surveys to record the different species’ of whales seen, and record where they are and what they are doing. Almost anyone can take part in the course – you just need a reasonable level of fitness and a love for whales and dolphins.

The one day ORCA Marine Mammal Surveyor course teaches you to identify and record whales, dolphins and porpoises during offshore surveys. These classroom based courses take place all over the UK. You will learn all the skills you need to identify and record whales, dolphins and porpoises. A one day course costs £89 and will take place this year in Newcastle, Glasgow, Southampton and Plymouth.

Learn to spot whales and porpoises while you’re at sea.

There is also the Cruise Conservationists course which includes a 12 day cruise on Fred Olsen’s Braemar – more expensive at £600 but a real adventure! Applications for this close on 28th February – more information here…

Once you have completed a course and joined ORCA you get the chance to join teams on both ferries and cruise ships with free accommodation supplied if needed – although you’re responsible for your own travel, food and insurance it’s a great way to get out on the water and be part of a really important survey.and

More information and applications

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