Cruise University – why going back to school will save money on your cruise!

A beautiful day at sea….

It’s no secret that I think Cruising is awesome – a wonderful mix of fresh air, open skies, luxury, laughter, friendship and food. I feel I t’s a great way of seeing a lot of places without having to pack and unpack every day – sometimes luxurious, sometime more basic it’s just the best way to explore the world!

Cunard’s QM2 in an ocean liner that specialises in Transatlantic crossings.

So I’m always sad when someone tells me that choosing and and booking their first cruise seemed so complicated that they just gave up, or worse still that they booked a cruise with the wrong cruiseline or on the wrong itinerary for them and they hated cruising! I know that these things can be hard to judge until you have some experience but I’m a firm believer that most people who say they don’t like cruising just chose the wrong cruise!

MSC Bellissima, one on the new mega-ships launched in 2019

So if you’re even vaguely considering cruising as a vacation – and I absolutely think you should – then I highly recommend you attend the Cruise University before booking a thing! It will leave you full of confidence about dealing with all the options and it might even save you from an expensive mistake!

The lovely Emma from ‘Cruising isn’t just for old People’ is never boring!

The Cruising University is a short course – prepared by the lovely Emma Le Teace from Cruising Isn’t Just for Old People – she really understands all the worries and concerns that you might have about cruising and I can’t praise the course highly enough! It’s exactly what the industry has needed for a while now!

Celebrity Constellation – a mid sized, classic cruise ship

Inside the Cruise University you’ll find these topics

How to Find The Best Cruise For You

How to Book Your Cruise as Cheaply and Easily as Possible

How to Plan and Pack For Your Cruise

What to Expect on Your Cruise

All the information is given in simple, easy to follow bite size chunks with videos and accompanying PDF downloads so that you don’t forget a thing! It’s a brilliant course for anyone who is thinking about taking a cruise and I’m proud to recommend it to you as an #affiliate

Please share to anyone who will be interested and et me know what you think!

Alaska – best seen from the sea….

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